Shush! Writer at Work

I’ve finally decided on a plan of action for fitting writing my next book into the rest of my life. Mornings are good for me. If I wake up early enough I get to enjoy the down chorus. Then breakfast, exercise and bathing come nexr. I’m full of energy until late afternoon when things rapidly go downhill.

The best plan seems to be for me to try and do my writing first thing after breakfast. This is not set in stone as sometimes something else will have to take priority. I’ve no intention of stressing myself out by trying to maintain a rigid regime.

The characters and the plot of this book for 12 year olds are growing and taking shape. Although I enjoy writing I am nevertheless disquieted by this book which will of necessity portray violence.

The thought passed through my mind in an idle moment that children’s stories give authors an opportunity to invent words. I thought of “smish” a word combining the idea of “smear” and “smash” and “schroon” for screaming and groaning at the same time.
If you have any words that you would like to bring into existence do please let me post them. Thank you.

Tales my Ghanaian Grandmother Told Me by Dzagbe Cudjoe


2 Responses to “Shush! Writer at Work”

  1. donnette Says:

    hahahahaschroon and smish? I LOVE those new words.. we shall have to create a “DC Ductionary” for these wonderful new words…

    Popping in to read my favourite author and leave so much love on your page..

    i love you & miss you more than ever x

  2. ghanaiangrandmother Says:

    Pleased you like my new words. Somehow though I think “schroon” may have limited applications. While a villain might “schroon” as he falls to the ground I think it’s use in romantic fiction may be somewhat limited.

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