The Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week by Nicolette Jones

Pongwiffyt Back on Track by Kaye Umansky Bloomsbury £5.99 ages 7-10

This is the seventh tale of a smelly witch, who first appeared 21 years ago, and it is funny. Funniest, perhaps, to read aloud. In the opening chapter, the noisome witch lounges about eating toffees while her long-suffering, heavily accented familiar (and the most likeable character) Hugo the Hamster (from ‘Amsterdam) raises the idea of getting fit. From there, it is a riot of silly voices, good bad puns, daft situations and comic caricatures. Pongwiffy persuades the witches, familiars, skeletons, trolls, zombies, banshees and other supernatural types of Witchway Wood to enter an )’Lumpicks (sports day) in the reluctant king’s gardens. Added to the brew are a goblin who becomes a nanny, a preening TV star, fungus sponge, skunk stew and a lot of sweets. Everything comes together with clever timing, even if it looks like a collapsing rugby scrum, and we all learn that exercise in moderation is a “good sing”, as Hugo would say. So is this book

Tales my Ghanaian Grandmother Told Me by Dzagbe Cudjoe
Dance to Health
Dance in Our Footsteps

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