Teach yourself Three Ghanaian Dances in this fun introduction to African Dance

African Dance is the perfect antidote to stress and that down-in-the-dumps feeling. Give yourself a tonic which leaves your Mind, Body and Spirit feeling refreshed and invigorated. Dance to the exhilirating rhythms of Africa. Nuna and Charlie are both beginners. If they can get the hang of it so can you. Have fun!

The instructors in the video teach at the Centre for National Culture, Tamale Ghana where the video was filmed.

Invite your friends round and learn the dances together! In a relaxed party-moood it’s much easier to overcome any feelings of shyness or inhibitions about dance.Poor co-ordination can be overcome and so can two left feet. You don’t need any dancing experience to successfullly “Dance in Our Footsteps”. Nor do you have to be any particular shape, size or age. Let the music take over and you will have an enjoyable, relaxing time which will leave you feeling refreshed, de-stressed and uplifted. Your cares and worries will have been forgotten.

Dance is now recognized as an effective form of excercise. It can be a really excellent Mind-Body-and-Spirit workout. Dance is the key to keeping ones body and brain healthy as we age. Bones and muscles are strengthened without stressing the joints. Cardio-vascular efficiency is improved. Dance tones the whole body and improves posture and balance. It also greatly assists people both in losing and maintaining their weight which in turn helps in preventing diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis, gallbladder disease, depression and some forms of cancer.

A person weighing 147 lbs loses 3.5 calories per minute. Therefore 45 minutes dancing would burn up 157 calories which is equivalent to about half a chocolate bar.

However, a word of caution. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions please seek medical advice before using this video:-

Do you have a heart condition and your doctor recommended that you consult before undertaking an exercise program?

Do you have chest pains when you do physical activity?

In the past month have you suffered chest pains while not doing physical activity?

Do you suffer from dizziness and balance problems?

Do you have bone or joint problems made worse by changes of physical activity levels?

Are you taking prescription drugs for blood pressure or a heart condition?

Any other reasons (such as pregnancy) which make you wonder if this physical activity might not be good for you?

I am a Dance and Movement Therapist and Cultural Anthropologist who has lived and worked in England, Ghana and Nigeria.

I really hope you enjoy “Dance in Our Footsteps”.

P.S To help the party along you can download some ghanaian receipes for free.



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