Learn Authentic African Drum Patterns


Dr Seth Dzifanu Cudjoe (1910-1984) was from the Ewe speaking area of Ghana in West Africa. He was a medical practitioner and First Chairman of the Ghana Arts Council, who wrote numerous articles on traditional culture, painted, composed music and carried out extensive research into traditional drumming and music  co-authoring a book on the subject.

His research took place before the emergence of “world music” and represents a very pure tradition. Were he still alive he would have been fascinated by the present day developments in African music.

Until recently there was no formal tuition in African music offered in institutions. African music does not have a written tradition. It is very difficult to notate the music using the western staff. The pitches and subtle intonations are not easily indicated.

An Approach to African Rhythm, which analyzes various rhythm patterns, is being re-issued in the hope that it will be helpful to ethnomusicologists, and to all those interested in African drum rhythms. Enjoy!
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