Which country am I in – South Africa or England?

13th March, 2009

To-day was the swimming gala at Wycliffe School. Julie invited me along to see her eldest granddaughter perform. The composition of the spectators was predominantly “white” with a small number of “Asian” families and very, very few “Black” families.

I sat on a chair by the side of the swimming pool in a state of total disorientation. I was surrounded by buildings and beautifully manicured lawns and flower bed such as I associate with expensive, private girls’ boarding schools in the South of England.

The sports staff were all striding around in short pleated navy blue skirts and white ankle socks. My feelings of deja vu were intense. Although educational standards at the school are exceptionally high I do wonder what sort of preparation is offered for life in the future South Africa. The school did buy a copy of “Tales My Ghanaian Grandmother Told Me” so perhaps that’s a promising sign.

Inclusion or exclusion is no longer on the grounds of colour but of finance.
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