The "Asian" Residential Area of Pietermaritzberg, South Africa

14th March, 2009

Julie took me to Northdale which was and still is the “Asian” area of Pietermaritzberg. There are mosques and Hindu temples as well as Christian churches. She showed me what had been her marital home. The whole area still has a certain dignity about it and one can imagine the area in the days of its glory. Squatter camps have spring up and have increased residents security fears. Also as the camps have no sanitation they are very unhygienic. Periodically the camps are closed and people are moved on.

Julie also took me to the Debi Northdale market. this is a market run by “Indians” mainly for “Indians”. You would not think that you are in Africa. Quite a few of the vegetables were unknown to me. Everything was wonderfully fresh and appetizing looking.There were stalls selling fresh fish and seafood, meat, clothes, hair and beauty products and the necessities of life in general. There was an astonishing spice shop which smelt wonderful. It also had kitchen utensils some so large that they could be used to feed the five thousand. It is a daily market but really comes into its’ own at the weekends.


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