Further Encounters with African Animals

9th March, 2009

This morning I saw a group of three rhino very close up – the mother and baby of yesterday plus a juvenile male. The ranger told me that the young male will be driven away when the female comes into season and the mature males appear on the scene .It was incredible being so close. Thus far I have seen a pied kingfisher, European swallows, pied wagtails, an owl, doves, red bishops, yellow-billed kites, pin tailed wydahs, a black widow, blacksmith plover, grey headed heron, Egyptian geese and African darta.

As there is very little chance of seeing hippos on land during the day my guide offered to take me to see them at night. At half past seven five of them were to be seen by the lake right near my room. They are enormous creatures as was demonstrated by the fact that a rhino was standing behind them and by comparison was of modest proportions.

I am now the only guest actually staying at the game reserve. I really needn’t have bothered about clothes for dinner wear.


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