Coffee with Lovely People

18th March, 2009

Julie, Sue (a friend of Julie’s and a housemother at Wycliffe School) and Julie’s psychologist niece who had worked at the Oprah Winfrey School met for coffee this morning.

Julie’s niece is very like her mother who works at the Esther Payne Smith School. She is a dynamic person who is looking for challenges. She is also obviously highly principled and is just the sort of person the new South Africa needs. It was very interesting and illuminating for me just listening to her.

Donnette, the kids and I were sitting talking when suddenly there was a sharp sound which Donnette said was a gunshot. The direction of the sound came from a bit further up our road. Donnette remained unperturbed by the situation which, even in this upmarket residential area is not uncommon.

The electricity kept coming and going all evening.

21st March,2009

This was a very sad day indeed as I said a tearful goodbye to Donnette and the children all of whom I had become very fond of indeed. This is a relationship which will continue into the future and I look forward to welcoming them all to my home.

This has all been more of a record of what I did rather than what I thought. My thoughts need more time.


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