Visit to the Crazy Duck and Other Places

As I hadn’t given the children an outing I took us all off to “The Crazy Duck” where there are all sorts of animals, horse rides and a miniature train. Savannah was not with us as she had opted to stay with her aunt and cousin.

The Crazy Duck is clearly only really interested in generating income although they do run an animal rehabilitation centre. Many of the cages are very small, there are no informative notices about the animals and worst of all visitor safety seems to be a matter of indifference. Children could put their fingers through the metal fence and touch the crocodiles! No helmets were provided for children on the horse rides. A poor young lynx was in a tiny enclosure right at the entrance to the rehabilitation area. She was being teased by a group of Afrikaans speaking children. I told them nicely but firmly to stop.

It is a good outing for children as they can feed ducks, geese, parrots and numerous other birds. There are also rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, goats, snakes, tortoises, antelopes, ostriches, ponies and the afore-mentioned crocodiles.

The train ride was a complete rip-off and badly organized.

After lunch we went to the Albert Falls Miniature Railway which was constructed and is run by a friend of Donnette’s father. I was persuaded to take a ride and it was great fun. There is a properly laid track and the train goes over bridges and through tunnels.

We then went to Albert Falls where there is an important dam. The cascades are beautiful but somewhat marred by the workshops right in front of them which are full of steel girders and abandoned machinery. We had bought lovely fresh mealies (corn) earlier and Donnette gave the workers enough so that they could roast them when they had a break. I thought that was a really nice gesture on Donnette’s part.


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