Dance to Health – Help Your Special Needs Child Through Inspirational Dance

Dance to Health – Help your Special Needs Child through Improvisational Dance is an immediately downloadable e-manual. It’s written by a Dance Movement Therapist whose main work has been with Children who have Special Needs. The manual really is one of a kind. No one has previously suggested that Parents of Children who have Special Needs are capable of acting as Dance Movement Therapists to their children in the privacy and familiar surroundings of their own home.
What is offered is not a cure but will bring about greater Harmony between Mind-Body-and-Spirit. You will notice results over time.
You don’t need to have trained as a professional dancer or even be an experienced amateur. Parents just need to be open to the idea of having fun and communicating with their child in a new and different way. This approach fits in well with Homeschooling Programmes.
The manual explains how to transform ordinary everyday movements into Dance. There is help in building lesson plans and suggestions for musical choices and props.In addition there is also a list of helpful resources.
This is an approach to improved Wellbeing which does not involve drugs of any kind and which may well help your Child who has Special Needs or Disabilities.

<A HREF=””>For more Information visit Dance to Health</a>


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